Little Old Lady Comedy

Actor Seeking Advice! What Can I Do to Stop Getting Typed Out of Police Lineups?

Great, the Drawstring Fell Out and Now I Have to Throw This Hoodie Away

For My Next Magic Trick, I Will Allow Myself to be Carried on the Wings of a Thousand Doves to Literally Anywhere Else

This Stage of Living With Roommates is Always the Worst

Congratulations! You've Won Karaoke!

Why I've Decided Broadway Isn't For Me

You Have Some Really Great Soap In There, Which I Definitely Didn't Use Just Now When I Took a Shower in Your Home

I'm Gonna Need You to Unroll All of These Sleeves

I Really Can Dance

Real People. Not Blindfolded Hostages Forced Against Their Will to Listen to the New Types of Chevy Silverado

Facebook's Newest Feature Reveals To You (And Everyone Else) Your True Love


Robot Butt

A Few Changes to the Haunted Hayride After Last Year’s ‘Lawsuit’ Regarding the ‘Real-Life Danger’ of Setting ‘Actual Wolves’ Loose on the Farm

There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea

How I’m Stopping Them From Stealing Our Jobs

Updates to Company's Private Policy

Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work

The Only Way to Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun

Was It Worth It?

The One-Upper

An Abercrombie & Fitch Store Meeting to Brainstorm Ideas for What to Do With Shelf Space Previously Occupied by Assault Rifles

Under a Stack of Totally Inconspicuous Papers, We Here at Equifax Found Another 2.4 Million Americans Impacted By the 2017 Breach

Scientists Say Being Habitually Late, Forgetful, and Full of Rage Actually A Sign of Intelligence


Points in Case

I Think My Teenage Son is Trying to Make His Own Katamari Ball

It's Me, the Inevitable Reboot of That Show You Used to Love

If Amazon and the Postal Service Were Two Teenage Boys in Forbidden Love

I’m a Die-Hard Conservative, But If You Build a Border Wall, Our Texas Town Will Be Massacred By Wolves

The Social Media Verification Badge, Rarest Pokemon of All

A Young Movie's Prayer: "Please Let Me Come to a Theater Near You"

Focus On Your Breath. Inhale Deeply. Now Exhale Slowly. Congratulations, You’ve Entered Manual Breathing Mode

@TwitterSupport Your Platform Won't Allow Me to Unfollow the American President

There is Literally No Caffeine in This Espresso, And I Will Sit Here Shaking Until I Get a Refund

I Finally Found You, Michael Mainwaring from Chevy's "Real People Not Actors" Commercial



Please Don’t Make Eye Contact With Me While I Whisper Every Name I Can Think of Under My Breath to Remember Yours

At the End of This Haircut I Want to Look Exactly Like Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther

Screw, Marry, Kill: The Expansion Pack


The Haven

Someone Hacked My Facebook Back in 2009 And Sent Strange Messages to My Friends

Re: No More Mar-A-Lago Trips, I'm Going to Million Dollar Baby Biden's Ass

This Year’s Science Fair Confirms Alligators Scariest Fucking Thing On Planet

After Taking One Good Whiff, Local Sharks Decide to Pass On Jared

In Unprecedented Attack Against Democracy, Russia Leaks Entire Final Season of Game of Thrones


Pickle Fork

The Horrors of What I’ve Been Used For Once Deemed “Dirty” And Thrown in the Hamper



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Young Actress Thwarted Again by New York City Closet Space